AmicaMia for coffee
The excellence in technology for an unparalleled coffee
Genesi3 is equipped with "AmicaMia®", a set of valuable and patented technologies that make unique the pleasure of sipping your ideal coffee and also guarantee the correct operation of the machine over time, so as to significantly reduce maintenance and component replacements.
Top quality, no limestone formation
In addition to the absence of undesired substances that may be transferred to the water used for brewing the coffee such as, for example, lead, chromium and nickel, the DemiPlus inlet water treatment unit removes chlorine, other disinfectants and odorous substances that make the coffee taste unpleasant.

Remineralization takes place automatically just before the coffee extraction so that there is no precipitation of mineral salts and consequent deposit on pumps, boilers and valves. This patented technology prevents limestone formation, which is the cause of damage occurring in all coffee machines, therefore it is not necessary to provide for any descaling activities.
The perfect combination of mineral salts for an optimal coffee
Water characteristics for brewing coffee are essential. For this reason, Viva Ska has been created, a specific minerals combination of Essenze® LeNote line, respecting the parameters that water should have, indicated by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Viva Ska, available in 2-liter bag-in-box in liquid concentrate, to be connected to one of the equipment with Genesi technology, allows the dispensing of 100 liters of remineralized water, useful for the preparation of about 4,000 espresso coffee.
The same combination of minerals is also available in single-dose capsules for dispensing half a liter and in WDrink line as product ready for consumption, for preparation of all types of coffee, regardless of the used extraction methods.
One sole coffee circuit for different capsule models
A truly innovative and revolutionary system that allows the use of different brands and models of single-dose capsules for coffee, taking advantage of one unique dispensing circuit. This technology has been designed and built considering the different forms and materials of single-dose capsules, so as to ensure for all the maximum sealing for a correct extraction of the coffee and includes exclusive interchangeable capsule-holder, supplied with Genesi3, to match with the capsule model chosen.
AmicaMia is a brilliant idea
The coffee brands in single-dose capsules listed are not owned by "Sigroup International", nor by companies connected to it and are mentioned with the sole purpose of indicating compatibility of use with the exclusive capsule holder supplied with Genesi3.

Models of compatible capsules:
  • Espresso Point (all capsules)
  • Nespresso and Nespresso compatible
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