Happy Water
Happy Water: a capsule machine for many drinks
From the encounter between Italbedis Group, specialized in refrigeration, distribution and water treatment for human consumption and Sigroup, is born the complete and compact solution for automatic microfiltered water and beverages dispensing, ideal for domestic market.
Choose to drink tastefully
The dispenser directly connects to water network and provides microfiltered water at room temperature, cold and sparkling.

With Happy Water you also have the opportunity to enrich your microfiltered water with a natural distillate of fresh flowers and plants, with a specific mineral, or you can dispense an Italian traditional soft drink or a classic known all over the world, according to your taste and your needs.
Equipped with two separate circuits for dispensing from single-dose capsules of:
  • VIVA cold beverages from NATURA, PRIME, FIZZ, ELITÈ and JUICY lines;
  • coffee and hot beverages, using Espresso Point capsules.
Viva circuit dispensing group is built so that it never comes into contact with any product. This technology, together with Viva single-dose capsules, excludes the possibility of residues presence and contamination.
Systems for Viva single-dose capsules
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