GenesiMix is a Viva water and beverage dispenser dedicated to the Vending sector, designed and built jointly with Italbedis Group, which allows to connect up to 6 bag-in-boxes of Viva liquid concentrates at choice.
Maximum hygiene
The dispenser is equipped with UV-C led spider, positioned on the point of use, for a constant barrier against back-contamination and with UV-C led disinfection to reduce any presence of bacteria in the water. In addition, an ozone device at the point of use acts as a bactericide on the dispensing tap.
A special care even for customers bottles
To ensure the hygiene of the containers used for filling, an automatic sanitization system is available, with a dedicated command for the controlled supply of water and ozone.
Customize your column
It is possible to customize with images at one’s choice both the graphics of the vending machine front section and some images and logos on the 7” display.
Genesi® Project
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