GenesiBar is a post-mix equipment conceived for the Ho.Re.Ca., designed and built jointly with Celli Group. It allows in-line connection of up to 8 different bag-in-boxes of Viva liquid concentrates, in order to customize even more the offer of remineralized water and beverages.
A modular system for a convenient customization
The GenesiBar system is composed of several separate elements both to meet the different needs and to optimize the installation:

  • Bench top dispensing tower with a luxury design and fluid and modern shapes, with 10.1" touch screen

  • filtration and demineralization unit (DemiPlus300 or equivalent)

  • cooler-carbonation group sized to suit your needs, with continuous customized carbonization level

  • innovative Celli multivalve group with 8 dedicated lines (expandable to 10), able to manage separately the Viva bag-in-boxes (from 6 to 8, at your choice) in order to dispense a variety of beverage combinations, without compromising quality and taste

  • App-based interaction for a customized experience

  • cashless payment option
Real-time efficiency thanks to an ultra-modern telemetry system
GenesiBar can be equipped with the "intelliDraught" digital platform, innovative technology of Celli Group, which allows remote management to know at any time its status and dispensing data, the digitization of the technical assistance processes, the monitoring of payments as well as the creation of data and reports on Sales & Marketing activities.
Genesi® Project
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