Genesi3 accessories
Optional lower drawer
A practical drawer without a handle, with a system of retractable guides and Tip-on technology that combines the opening with a light touch and a gentle and silent closing. The front panel of the drawer is made with the same material and color of the Genesi3 front panel to maintain a perfect harmony of the elements. Inside the drawer three useful containers to store the capsules and the special capsule holders.
Genesi3 recessed furniture
Finished with material capable of making a difference, born from the creativity and Italian taste. The structures designed to accommodate Genesi3 are of high quality using cutting-edge technologies. The furniture, reproducing the essentiality and the depth of a wall in troweled plaster, are perfectly matched with the 4 standard Genesi3 colors: champagne, aluminum, graphite and pearly white. Available in two versions: half column and box, both provided with a top made of the same material.
Half column A stand-alone cabinet specially built to accommodate, in the upper part, Genesi3 with the optional drawer and, in the lower part, a convenient door with push opening and an inner shelf in which it can also be easily accommodated a CO2 cylinder from 4 kg. Finished Dimensions: (WxHxD) 60x132x60 cm + adjustable feet H maximum 22 cm + top 2.5 cm.

Box For those who prefer to place Genesi3 directly on an existing base, it is available a specific box designed to enclose the equipment. The standard version does not include the optional lower drawer, but you can have it on request. Finished dimensions: (WxHxD) 60x52x60 cm + 2.5 cm top.
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