GenesiBar accessories
Multivalve group expansion
The innovative multivalve system of the Celli group allows dispensing beverages by managing the individual bag-in-box lines separately. For each product, the dedicated software controls the precise dosing based on the dilution ratio of the various concentrates and the flow rates of the individual valves. The dispensing group is designed to avoid any cross-contamination. It is possible to install 2 more lines to increase the range of products to be offered to customers and therefore create numerous combinations of beverages, allowing a real drinking experience that involves the final consumer.
intelliDraught: the center of everything
Thanks to the partnership with the Celli Group, it is possible to connect GenesiBar to the "intelliDraught" platform to always have at hand and in real time multiple information on the use of the equipment such as volumes and quality parameters of the beverages dispensed, state of components for plan maintenance activities, consumption habits and trends to optimize the range of Viva products based on objective data and the type of points of sale.
A data network to maximize business "intelliDraught" also provides fundamental information for more strategic activities such as the creation of data and consumption reports, enabling rapid adoption of targeted marketing strategies.

Moreover, thanks to a capillary network of highly qualified technicians, it is possible to operate remotely and obtain important improvements in daily operations, effectively managing both the replacement of wear components and the supply of Viva drinks, with a drastic reduction in service interruptions.
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